Highlight The Role Of China’s Machine China Tool R & D System – Machine China Tools, Grinding China Machine Chinas –

Highlight The Role Of China’s Machine China Tool R & D System – Machine China Tools, Grinding China Machine Chinas –
China’s machine tool industry R & D strength consists of three parts, namely, corporate R & D base, research universities and specialized research settings (7 a hospital), the role of the former two countries with similar foreign machine tool industry, after Only those who form an independent set of individual countries and regions have. These three aspects of R & D from a different perspective of technological progress of China’s machine tool industry to contribute. There are many companies R & D base for product innovation, performance, upgrade to the results. Technology Research Institute as Qinchuan Machine China Tool Group in 2002, coordinates research and development of efficient numerical seven six worm-type linkage Grinding China wheel Grinding China machine to reach the world advanced level and fill gaps in the international specifications; Xianfeng Machine China Tool Works of the National Technology Development Center to develop the configuration of self-developed high precision ultra-exclusive heavy-duty CNC roll Grinder Into the world’s advanced ranks.

University research teams, based on common technologies, cutting-edge technology, software technology known for. Their product development and enterprise integration, complementary advantages, the virtual axis machine tools to achieve first-class achievements in cutting-edge technology products. Higher production and management company set up, will be a special machine tool products excellent scientific research it may be the world’s machine tool industry in a more special way, Central South University, reached the world advanced technology research and development of spiral bevel Gear Grinding China machine, Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a world-class rapid development of machine production and operation of products in a similar way to enter the market.

China’s machine tool industry has been responsible for the independent research unit based on common technology research and development work has to a number of basic common technologies integrated development leading edge products through scientific research system, with the nature of science and technology leader in enterprise, energy more enhanced. For example, Beijing Institute of Nanotechnology machine tools, forging equipment, Foundry Research Institute, Jinan CNC turret punch and laser machines embody complex R & D capabilities in China. For the Shenzhou manned spacecraft combustion chamber for processing special Milling China For Nuclear power Processing of ultra-high boiler trip vertical lathe, large vision for the world’s largest astronomical caliber Telescope Parts processing Special equipment Have 11 submitted a satisfactory answer sheet.

As a means of manufacturing and processing developments in the field machine technology, called transformation in recent years, the devaluation of the emergence of virtual axis structure and rapid prototyping China technology debut. Virtual axis machine tool in the early 90s of last century, the British Ingersoll commodity form in the United States International Machine China Tool Show appearance, while Sweden, France, Japan, Russia, Poland, several machine tool companies or university research institutes make different types of test items similar speculative, then enter the small quantities of goods on the market are more prominent companies in Sweden Nie Si, Cincinnati to the principle of horizontal boring and milling machine in the traditional infrastructure components to achieve multi-axis spindle innovative.

Our technology, especially scientific research groups, sensitivity and strength of innovation as a breakthrough a few years, in addition to the structure to achieve parallel virtual axis machine tools (such as HIT? Kazakhstan quantity, Tianjin University? A factory in Tianjin, Tsinghua University? Kunming Machine China Tool Plant of the combination), but also appear in series combined with clever use for different purposes? parallel structure, the use of virtual axis theorem to simplify the programming of space to expand the purpose of processing products (such as Tsinghua? Jiangdong Machine China Tool Plant, Xi’an Jiaotong University? Qinchuan Machine China Tool Plant, Tsinghua University ? Dalian Machine China Tool Group’s products) has also been at the China International Machine China Tool Show debut, respectively. These innovations illustrate our leading edge technology in the machine tool to explore the sensitivity and the strength of available software and hardware basis.

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