Fundicion de Sinaloa. Mazatlan. Herreria y Caldereria, Vista interior, 1898.

Fundicion de Sinaloa. Mazatlan. Herreria y Caldereria, Vista interior, 1898.

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Fundicion de Sinaloa. Mazatlan. Herreria y Caldereria, Vista interior, 1898.

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Title: Fundicion de Sinaloa. Mazatlan. Herreria y Caldereria, Vista interior, 1898.

Alternative Title: Foundry of Sinaloa. Mazatlan. Ironworks and Park Bench Factory, Interior View, 1898.

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1898

Portion Of: Fundicion de Sinaloa, Mazatlan

Spot: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Physical Description: 1 photographic print: gelatin silver 20 x 24 cm &amp 20 x 22 cm on 24 x 49 cm

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Identifier: hardeningtemperi00wood
Title: Hardening, tempering, annealing and forging of steel a treatise on the practical remedy and working of higher and low grade steel ..
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Woodworth, Joseph Vincent, 1877-
Subjects: Steel Forging Tempering
Publisher: New York, N. W. Henley &amp Co.
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the column has alsothe following positive aspects: Function can be brought in contact with the emery wheels oneither side of the wheel without rechucking. Also the report tobe ground can be brought in contact with the emery wheel in themost favorable position to either wheel for fast grinding. Foran instance, a side milling cutter may possibly have the outer teeth groundofif on the straight face emery wheel on the correct side of the ma- GRINDING. 231 chine, and the side teeth on the cup-shape wheel at the left sideof the machine, without taking the cutter off the arbor or disturb-ing the tooth guide. Cutters of modest diameters and sharp angles can be groundwithout the cutter, mandrel or centers striking the belt or emerywheel head. Also in grinding the shoulders, on function revolvedbetween centers, the periphery instead of the side of a flat wheelcan be utilised. Grinding a Spiral Mill. Fig. 150 shows the long slide at the rear of the column andnearly parallel to the emery wheel spindle, the two swivels set at

Text Appearing After Image:
FIG. 150.—GRINDING A SPIRAL MILL. zero, a flat wheel on the proper of the emery wheel head and themill on the mandrel held amongst centers. Fig. 151 shows a side elevation of the wheel, the centeringgage, the tooth rest No. 2 and the finish of the mill. Fig. 152 is an elevation showing the rim of the wheel, theface of the mill and the tooth rest in the position essential whenthe mill is turned for grinding the subsequent tooth. Directions: Adjust the plane of centers beneath the plane ofthe spindle the distance needed for clearance. If the mill iscylindrical, set the table at zero and if not, set it for the requiredtaper. Set the stops on the lengthy slide so that, the mill havingpassed, the cutter will nevertheless be held by the versatile component of thetooth rest, which will then act as a spring pawl when turning themill to bring the subsequent tooth into position for grinding. In setting 232 HARDENING^ TEMPERING AND ANNEALING. the tooth rest the centering gage should come straight opposite topart of the wheel w

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