plastic fabrication on the internet service?

Question by : plastic fabrication on the internet service?
So I am a bit of a hobbyist engineer you could say. I have some electronic modules I want to enclose in a plastic casing for protection. I’ve got it totally modeled in 3D with millimeter accuracy, and therefore can produce 2D templates for straightforward measurement.

I was hoping to discover a person right here that knows of an on-line fabrication company, that may possibly be able to take my 3D & 2D objects, and fabricate actual plastic from the model, and ship it to me. Anybody know of such a service?
Or do I have to take a solid block and bust out the Dremel? lol

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Answer by david
Hi, I had some CAD files cut out from acrylic from but their in Victoria, cost was not also undesirable and i think they utilised a cnc router judging from the reduce finish. hope this helps!

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