Lapu-Lapu bares top 25 taxpayers

A moment in time

Image by blinkingidiot
I have to admit I’m pleased with this.

I finished work on Friday, walked home, jumped on my bike and headed out to Mill Lakes to catch this composition (which has been obsessing me recently) at sunset.

Everything came together: I was perched precariously with one foot on top of a post from the long derelict fishing platform and one on the bank, crouched low to get the best angle, waiting for the sun to dip lower to provide the "copper sky" I wanted and hoping the various waterbirds would give up on me as a feeder so that the water surface could calm down.

And it all did: form and colour, liquid and solid, slowly eroding wood against fleeting light – to allow me the shot I wanted , all within ten minutes of my house.

Perfect start to the weekend …
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Lapu-Lapu bares top 25 taxpayers
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