What are the errors located in EDM measurements?

Question by MPUME D: What are the errors identified in EDM measurements?
the error located in EDM measurements and methods of correcting them or compensating them .include atmospheric influence on EDN measurements

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Answer by Dawn Of Apostasy
as in electronic discharge machine?

atmospheric pressure would have small to do with cutting measurements and dimensions, unless you handle to develop completely odd conditions.

Inaccurate cuts with an EDM would most most likely be caused by…

1. Poor programming
2. Incorrect rod diameter / compensation
three. Miss-location

Make sure the program is good… check it in mastercam or surfcam, make certain all dimensions are correct. Check the plan for compensation (G41, G42), and make positive it was written for a rod the correct diameter that you are using – it could have been written for a theoretical zero-diameter rod – that it, it just provides coordinates of the element being cut, not the center of the tool-path. If so, you have to comp it out to the size of the rod. Make sure you picked up location correct. If you’re making use of an edge finder, take your time and get it down to the .0001″ as much as possible.

What type of machine is it, by the way? post me an e-mail, i may possibly be able to aid you out. I have run Mitsubishi and Milco brand Wire and Sinker EDMs.

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