Crushing and Grinding China Process of Gold Mineral

Crushing and Grinding China Process of Gold Mineral

by amanky

Crushing and Grinding China Process of Gold Mineral


The content of gold in the ore is very low, in order to extract the gold, you need to crush and grind ore and adopt mineral processing method for pre-enrichment or separating gold from ore, re-election and flotation method is used in gold mining, re-election method in placer gold production occupies an important position, the flotation method is widely used in rock gold mining .At the present, about 80% of rock gold mining in our country adopt this method, mining technology and equipment level has been more greatly improved.

Once the ore is brought up from the mine its first destination is most often some sort of feed or surge bin. This bin allows the mill to take in ore at a constant feed rate. Various crushing systems are used, usually starting with a coarse crushing with something like a jaw or cones crusher, followed by a fine crushing using something like a ball or Rod mill. After crushing, the extraction processes vary greatly, depending on the metal or mineral to be extracted. However, since we are focusing on precious metals, we will look at gold and silver extraction methods. Commonly used methods include the following:

Crushing and Grinding China: According to the survey, most of the gold plants in China are to use jaw crusher for coarse crushing, using the standard cone crusher for middle crushing ,while fine crushing is to use short-head type cone crusher and roller crusher. Medium and small gold-selection plant mostly use a closed-circuit crushing two large-scale plant using three sections with gold a closed-circuit crushing process.

In order to improve mineral production capacity, the potential of mining equipment potential ,and also make some modification for crushing process , so that to make the grinding machine utilization factor increase, the main measures taken is to implement more crushing and less grinding to reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.

Re-election: Re-election in the rock gold mine is used widely, more as a secondary process, in the grinding circuit to recover coarse gold, to create favorable conditions for flotation and oxidation process, to improve the mineral index, increased the total recovery of gold, play a positive role on increasing production and reducing the cost t. In Shanghai, more than 10 with gold plants use the re-election process, the average total recovery can be increased by 2% to 3%, and good economic efficiency of enterprises, according to incomplete statistics, the annual profit of several million dollars is available. Viewing from most of the gold mines, re-floating a joint process (flotation tailings re-election) is suitable for use in the future, we should vigorously promote the stage grinding stage sorting process, which can be advocated, as early as the principle of closing the dressing.

Flotation: According to the survey, about 80% of the rock gold mine adopts flotation method to elect gold, most of the output concentrate are sent to non-ferrous smelter to be dealt. As the syndication of gold develops gradually and enterprise to improve economic efficiency , reducing loss of concentrate transport, the product structure in recent years has changed greatly, to take a more local processing (of course, the contradiction between the dressing and smelting and pricing and other issues, forcing the mine in place to handle) to promote greater development flotation process, in gold production plays an important role. Usually both flotation and bulk flotation process. Transformation in the process this year and the reagent addition system, there is new progress in flotation recovery has improved markedly. According to more than 40 with gold plant, flotation process indicator survey results show that the sulfide ore flotation rate was 90%, a few up to 95% to 97%; oxide ore rate was 75%; individual reaches 80% ~ 85 %. In recent years, adaptation and innovation in flotation process a lot of research, the effect is obvious, floating stage grinding process, such as heavy a floating joint process, is the development of the main trends in flotation process.



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