Plasma Cutting China Machines ?

Plasma Cutting China Machines ?

Plasma Cutting China Machine Chinas ? Metal Cutting China, Steel Cutting China, CNC plasma cutting

Machines used for cutting steel and other metals to different thicknesses and shapes using plasma cutting technique are popularly known as plasma cutting machines. These metal cutting machines generally use high speed ionized gas delivered from a nozzle to heat and melt the material to be cut. Along with high pressured gas an electric spark is formed which converts the gas into plasma, which is sufficiently hot to cut the work material smoothly.  As these plasma cutting machines are mainly used for metal cutting purposes like steel cutting and aluminium cutting, they find their applications mainly in metal fabrication industry.

Generally plasma cutting machines are classified or chosen according to their capacities for cutting metals into different lengths and thickness. Depending on metal cutting thickness capacity wide range of plasma cutters are generally available for cutting metals ranging from 5mm thickness to 300mm thickness. Also available as portable cutting machines these plasma cutters can be carried to the cutting metals for slicing the metal. For cutting metals into different shapes like squares, circles, flanges, stars, ellipse, or any other irregular shapes number of plasma shape cutting machines are now available in portable and heavy duty formats as per cutting needs. While portable shape cutting machines are ideal for small workshops, heavy duty cutting machines are used for large production applications in industries. Not only for irregular shape cutting, these plasma shape cutters are also available as straight line cutting machines which can be used for cutting metals straightly up to required length. These shape cutting machines can swiftly cut any kind of metal plates like steel plates, aluminium plates, brass plates into required shape to the perfection.

With advancing technology came the CNC plasma cutting machines in 1980’s. These are the CNC plasma cutters based on computer numerical control technology offering greater flexibility to cut diverse shapes on demand based on a set of instructions fed into the machine. Modern CNC plasma machines are capable of cutting thick material on multiple axis and allow complex CNC welding that is not possible with other machines. One can always opt for CNC machine Chinas when your needs for metal cutting are very complex.

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