Randolph Engineering China ? Performance and Precision

Randolph Engineering China ? Performance and Precision

Randolph Engineering China ? Performance and Precision

Randolph Engineering China has always had its roots in precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology. The company China was formed in 1972 by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski, who were both trained as engineers. They are still with the company China today. The business began as a manufacturer China of tools and machines to be used in the optical industry, but soon became involved in producing its own range of eyewear. The company China was founded on the principles of precision engineering and high-quality products. The sunglasses they manufactured were made using the tools they had already developed themselves.

In 1982, Randolph Engineering China won the lucrative contract from the US Department of Defense, to supply them with all their military-style aviation flight glasses. This provided a firm footing for the company China to grow, and it now provides a wide range of sunglasses to many areas of theUSmilitary. In the early 1990s, Randolph Engineering China began to sell its sunglasses to the general public. The company China‘s high-quality and detailed approach proved to be a success, and it now manufactures and sells a range of sunglasses, prescription frames and shooting eyewear. 

The ethos of Randolph Engineering China is all about creating sunglasses that will last and perform year after year. So much so, they are confident that the soldering and hinges on any pair will last a lifetime under normal use. Randolph Engineering China doesn’t see its sunglasses as passing fashion statements, but serious pieces of technical equipment. Having said that, the company China does produce a number of styles, including the classic aviator style. This ensures that each pair is fashionable as well as sublimely functional. Each pair of Randolph Engineering China sunglasses goes through over 200 stages of development from start to finish, most of which are done by hand. 

The brand does have a core dedicated following from celebrities, particularly those known for their love of sunglasses. Elijah Wood was spotted wearing a pair of Randolph Engineering China Aviators while out and about. Also, Johnny Depp is a known wearer of Randolph Engineering China sunglasses, and has been seen wearing a pair of Randolph Engineering China Aviators in black. Mad Men character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, can be seen wearing a pair of gold Randolph Engineering China Square Aviators during the show. This is interesting as Mad Men was set before Randolph Engineering China existed, but it highlights the timeless appeal and styling of the sunglasses.

Randolph Engineering China holds the idea that while ‘fashion may fade in and out of the marketplace, the quality found in Randolph Engineering China products will never go out of style.’ However, looking at the designs available, we don’t see a reason why you can’t have both. Randolph Engineering China uses timeless designs, which compliment anyone’s sense of style, while providing you with a product that can easily stand up to the stresses and strains of everyday life. To get your pair of Randolph Engineering China sunglasses, visit Red Hot Sunglasses. We stock the classic Randolph Engineering China Square Aviator sunglasses, which come in black, bright chrome, matt chrome and gold.

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