Chiropractic care can help runners

Chiropractic care can help runners
Gone are the days when chiropractic care was needed just for aches, injuries or pain. Many athletes are turning to chiropractic care on a regular basis to maintain optimal health and fitness. If your body is perfectly and absolutely aligned, then you …
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A Lost Comedic Masterpiece from 1984
It was filmed in 1982, at which time Guy Maddin hadn't yet made a feature, the Coen brothers were a year away from shooting “Blood Simple,” and Wes Anderson was turning thirteen, but it's a film that's worthy of mention as an equal of those filmmakers …
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The world's most dangerous job
DIVING off a cliff into the unpredictable waters below from the height of an eight storey building requires guts and precision. But can you imagine doing this as your job? The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is in … Currently half way through the …
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