Electrical Shock?

Question by TheKid: Electrical Shock?
if you was recently shocked twice (bad enough that it went all the way from your fingers down to your toes) and then you had a headache and an occasional shooting pain through your arm would there be any reason for concern or is that just normal?

and also, would there be any chance, that when you’re touching water and metal in a very cold atmosphere (35degrees or so) that static electricity could cause that bad of a shock or would it definetly have to be some certain of electrical wiring problem?

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Answer by prime8
I am not sure where you received the shock. Was it static discharge or was is from wiring? Electrical discharge is always a grounding problem. When you get shocked, the electricity has found you as a shortest path to ground. In wiring, this is typically caused by exposed wiring due to stripped or worn insulation. This can also be caused by loose or bad connections where the phase wire is close to or touching the ground wire. If it is static, I have found that dry, cold weather substantially increases your chance of getting a severe static shock. Personally, I seem to be more subceptible to static shock than other people. I have gotten painful shocks from anything from car doors to blades of grass to running tap water, the kind of shock you can hear from another room. Lightning is actually a magnified form of static shock, whereas shock from wiring carries 60Hz of frequency and has a different effect on your body. If you received a shock from wiring and it went all the way through your body, the electrical source essentially pulsed through your body 120 times per second. This can actually cause your heart to try to beat 120 times, leading to cardiac arrest. Obviously, this did not happen to you, but there can be all kinds of strange physiological phenonema that can occur, such as the headaches you mentioned. I would not be too worried as these will eventually probably go away. I worked with a woman who once got a severe electrical shock from a piece of equipment that blew her away from a piece of machinery, and she had her period as a result. She recovered.

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