Q&A: What are my best possibilities for a simcard for my (European) iPhone in China?

Question by Erycius Puteanus: What are my very best options for a simcard for my (European) iPhone in China?
I am in China for a handful of weeks and I know they rolled out their 3G network, so I would like to use the full prospective of my iPhone in China as well. What organization can give me an fascinating deal for a simcard with 3G? Do I pick China Telecom or CNC? Also, I will most most likely return next year, so if I could re-use it then, that would be good. Optional, but good.
I have no difficulties acquiring a regular simcard for standard phoning & texting in China, I’m only curious about the 3G element.

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Answer by flingebunt
There are two providers of SIM cards for phones in mainland China, China mobile and China unicom.

You can acquire these SIM cards at the airport when you arrive, however keep in mind the cards are specific to a city, so if you move about China the prices will be greater. Also, while the organizations have the identical name, every China Mobile, China Unicom in different provinces are actually diverse firms, which means recharging your card can have problems (safest if you get your SIM card in Beijing or Shanghai, most difficulty if you get a Guangzhou 1).

As China mobile is the biggest company with the most offices (about 20 to 1 primarily based on what I see about) I would recommend go with China mobile.

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