Cnc Edm Status And Trends

Cnc Edm Status And Trends

Present, the rapid development of tooling industry, promoting the mold China manufacturing technology. EDM Die Manufacturing Technology as an important branch, were given increasing processing demands. CNC machining China technology while under the influence of the new situation, to promote EDM towards deeper, higher levels of the direction of the rapid development of NC. Although the mold rapid development of high-speed processing technology to enable electronic processing of faces serious challenges, some of the current EDM process has been high-speed technology Machining China Center Place, but the EDM still have broad prospects. If the complexity of the mold, precision small cavity, narrow, groove, corner, run hole, the depth of China cutting is still widely used in other processing areas. At the same time this technology has been improved and enhanced to bring EDM technology in the tooling industry in enduring. The rapid development of advanced China manufacturing technology and China manufacturing market competition intensified on the CNC EDM put a higher demand, but also provided new impetus to the development.

1 CNC EDM basic status of technological development

1.1 CNC EDM technology is continuing to precision, automation, intelligent, efficient direction and so on. New CNC EDM now emerging, such as Agie, , Japan Sodick, Japan, Makino, Mitsubishi and other machine tool technology in this area have a comprehensive improvement.

Precision of EDM Precision core is mainly reflected in the dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, surface quality requirements. Nowadays the precision CNC machining China EDM has been an overall improvement, processing requirements size up ± 2-3 m, bottom corner of R value can be less than 0.03mm, the best surface roughness can be less than Ra0.3 m. By using a series of advanced process technology and process methods, results can be achieved mirror finish, and be able to successfully complete the mini-connector, IC encapsulation, cell phone, CD case mold parts of high precision EDM. Overall, the modern mold companies in the advanced CNC EDM applications, not done well in digging out the machine’s precision machining China performance. It is necessary to fully promote the NC processing technology has been further development and enhance the precision mold processing.

Intelligent The emergence of intelligent control to CNC EDM to a new height of development. CNC EDM machine uses a new intelligent control technology. CNC EDM expert system is an important manifestation of intelligence, its intelligence reflected in the accurate detection and fuzzy control technology in two ways. Expert system uses the human-computer dialogue, according to processing conditions, requirements, and reasonable input settings to be automatically created after processing, to select the best combination of processing conditions for processing. On-line automatic monitoring, adjustment process, to achieve optimum process control. Processing expert system in test conditions, as long as the input processing of shape, electrode and workpiece material, processing location, target roughness, electrode scaling volume, shaking method, taper value of other indicators, can be automatically calculated and configure the best processing conditions. Fuzzy control technology is a computer monitor to determine the status of EDM gap, stable arc in the context of automatic selection to the highest processing efficiency, processing conditions; automatic monitoring process, to achieve the most stable process control technology. Intelligent expert system technology to make it easier machine operation, operator skill level required lower. Continue to upgrade the current intelligent technology, intelligent control technology enables a more extensive range of applications. As the market demands to upgrade the electrical processing and intelligent technology to get a broader space for development.

Automation The most advanced CNC EDM machine equipped with electrodes in the library and the standard electrode clamp situation, as long as the electrode before processing into Tool, draw up processing, the EDM process can go on to Further to automatic operation, almost no manual. Automatic operation of the machine reduces the amount of labor intensity and improve production efficiency. But the automatic device accessories expensive, most businesses CNC EDM die configuration is not complete. CNC EDM machine with automatic measuring alignment, automatic positioning, multi-functional piece of continuous processing has played better the performance of its automation. Automatic operation without manual intervention, can improve the precision and efficiency. Universal automation tool CNC EDM is the current development of the industry trend.

Highly efficient Modern processing requirements for CNC EDM technology provides the best processing mode, which requires precision to ensure the premise of a substantial increase in crude, finishing efficiency. Such as mobile phone shell, home appliances, electrical appliances, electronic equipment and other fields, all require a large area (such as 100 × 100mm) piece of the discharge time shortened, at the same time reduce the roughness. Improvement from the original Ra0.8 m to Ra0.25 m, so no need for manual post-discharge polishing. This not only reduces processing time and save the trouble of post-processing, while improving the quality of the mold, use the powder processing equipment can meet the requirements. Also reduce the overhead time (such as programming time, the electrode and workpiece positioning time), which need to enhance the automatic machine tool programming capabilities, configuration, positioning the electrode and workpiece fixture, device. If a large piece of rough in the use of graphite electrode materials is also a good way to improve processing efficiency. Processing mode is the best company to expand market opportunities, improve the market competitiveness of the capital, which developed with the new products, new technologies become more popular.

Other CNC EDM technology in micro-technology, safety, environmental protection and so has also made great strides.

1.2 CNC EDM rapid development of technology to enable machine manufacturers on production techniques have to be improved. Currently CNC EDM pulse power supply in the servo system and the improvement achieved significant results, greatly improved the quality of CNC EDM, processing efficiency.

Tool Servo System Improvement

Precision EDM machine tool servo system is of great significance. Recently developed linear motor drive CNC EDM equipment, so that processing performance was significantly improved. Linear motor in the drive shaft is configured to achieve a high response, smooth driving, improved mechanical stability of the system, to avoid delay action. CNC EDM Machine Tool Spindle Using linear motor technology, high-speed carry knives, so the discharge performance processing chip to further improve, thus improving the processing performance, achieve-free buffer solution processing. Linear motor driven machine

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