four Strikes

four Strikes

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4 Strikes
surface grinding
Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
4 lightning bolts striking the desert floor. This lightning photo was scanned from from film.

Did you know that Most lightning strikes occur either at the starting or finish of a storm. The average lightning strike is six miles long. Lightning reaches 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, fours times as hot as the sun’s surface. A cloud-to-ground lightning channel can be two to 10 miles long. Voltage in a cloud-to-ground strike is one hundred million to 1 billion volts.

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Army Air Corps Apache And RAF Chinook Helicopters Practice Deck Landings Onboard HMS Illustrious
surface grinding
Image by Defence Photos
Royal Air Force Chinook and Army Air Corps Apache helicopters are pictured practicing deck landings onboard the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious.

Two Apache helicopters from 664 Squadron, Army Air Corps embarked for a two week education package, to allow pilots and ground crews to acclimatise to working in a maritime atmosphere.

They were joined by a Chinook from 7 Squadron, Royal Air Force which flew out to the ship for a couple of hours deck landing practice.

Photographer: POA(Phot) RayJones
Image 45153199.jpg from

Some Signpost That Is Not There
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Image by pni