Precision Copper Strips

Precision Copper Strips

Empowered with extensibleness, flexibility and superior mechanical properties, precision copper strips have always been a vital part of almost every industry sector. Moreover, they also serve as an important part of every industrial, commercial as well as residential application such as automobiles manufacturing China, electronic items, computer peripherals, high end construction work, furniture, household appliances and more.

Besides, there are indeed several advantages and benefits of precision copper strips. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

1. Empowered with extensibleness, flexibility and superior mechanical properties.
2. It can be easily fabricated, soldered and welded.
3. Proves to be highly durable.
4. Incorporated with superior dimensional control and high conductivity.
5. Superior dimensional control for longer contacts.
6. Prepared with resonant capacity to meet complex construction requirements.
7. Corrosion resistance.
8. Can perform under extreme weather conditions.
9. Reduces maintenance expenses.
10. Available in wide range pertaining to shapes, sizes and composites.
11. Serve as an important part of every industrial, commercial as well as residential application.
12. And much more…

Precision copper strips can be used almost anywhere and serves as a valuable tool for fabrication, engineering China, construction, mechanical and several other purposes. They are available in various sizes ranging from 2.00 mm to 45.0 mm. These sizes varies to meet the varied requirements of different applications such as paper, pulp and food industries, home appliances, filtration in petrochemical, oil and water, architecture, automobiles and various other industries and domains. Besides, these varied sizes enables precision copper strips to be widely used in panel boards, automatic machines, power transformers, electroplating plants, bus duct manufacturing China, generators etc.
Precision copper strips manufacturing China process

These strips are produced on a universal cold rolling mill while taking the following steps into consideration.

a)  Contact type measuring system along with continual dimensional checks for highest level of accuracy.
b)  Manufacturing of the strips with close dimensional controls upto +/- 0.010 mm in both width and thickness.
c)  Developing on the basis of latest profile projector technology for final dimensional check of the finished shapes.
d)  Manufacturing the strips in annealed to hard condition, ensuring the highly durable quality.

Precision copper strips shapes

As discussed earlier these strips are available in various shapes and sizes, meeting the varied requirements of the industries.
1)  Hexagonal, Oval, Half Round, Tear Drop, Triangle and Diamond shapes with maximum width upto 15.00mm.
2)  Rectangular / Flat Shapes which are available in Flat or Round edges on the basis of the requirements. The thickness varies between 0.60 mm to 6.00 mm, and the width varies between 2.00 mm to 15.00 mm.
3)  Square shapes strips with availability in round or flat edges with sizes vary from 1.30mm to 6.30 mm based on the requirements.

Besides, the above there are some complex requirements of precision copper strips which are met on the basis of the drawings provided.

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