Switerzlands major items?

Query by Ryan O: Switerzlands main merchandise?
What are some main products that come from switzerland?
I need to have to figure it out

Ideal answer:

Answer by xo379
…you mean exports?
“business. The machinery, electronics, chemical products, precision instruments, insurance coverage and banking services and tourism sectors are essentiall Swiss exports. Collectively, they account for well more than half of Switzerland’s export revenues…The U.S. is also the largest foreign investor in Switzerland, and conversely, the major location of Swiss foreign investment. It is estimated that 200,000 American jobs rely on Swiss foreign investments.”

“In 2007, Switzerland exported some US$ 201 billion worth of goods led by machinery, chemicals, metals, agricultural products and planet famous Swiss watches led by the Swiss Army brand.”
With a population of 7.six million, Switzerland exported US$ 14.eight billion worth of merchandise to the United States in 2007, up 3.eight% from 2006 and up 38.2% in four years.

Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations …US$ 2.9 billion (19.3% of Switzerland to U.S. exports, down 1.9% from 2006)
Jewellery (watches, rings) … $ two.four billion (16.2%, up 12.1%)
Other scientific, health-related and hospital gear … $ 710.three million (4.eight%, no change)
Other household goods such as clocks … $ 672.five million (4.6%, up 18.eight%)
Other industrial machinery … $ 523.three million (three.5%, up 7.1%)
Industrial organic chemicals … $ 450.9 million (three.1%, up 1.5%)
Electric apparatus and components … $ 440.9 million (three%, up eight.2%)
Machine tools, metal working, molding and rolling … $ 371.4 million (two.5%, down 14.five%)
Measuring, testing and manage instruments … $ 336.four million (2.three%, up 12.2%)
Collectibles like antiques, artwork and stamps … $ 318 million (2.two%, up 4%).

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