Classic Tube strives for precision, every time

Classic Tube strives for precision, every time

Not only that, but all of Classic Tube’s tubing is manufactured with our state-of-the-art computerized CNC programmable tube benders. The tube benders ensure exact duplication of OEM specifications. Once this has been completed, all lines are end formed precisely, using fully automatic hydraulic end forming machines.

A lot of work goes into creating exactly what our customers want, whether it’s an exact replica of the original tubing or a custom system with certain specifications. At Classic Tube, we enjoy helping our customers outfit their vehicles, both daily and prized collectibles. We want every customer to leave perfectly satisfied every time.

Classic Tube has the technology and experience to manufacture any original, custom or special application to meet your needs. We can program from blueprints or from your sample. We can quote in large or small quantities and guarantee each duplication to 100% accuracy.

All of our tubing is manufactured with computer controlled precision, on our state-of-the-art computerized CNC programmable tube benders, insuring exact duplication OEM specifications.

Tubing is bent from our stock of steel, welded or seamless 304 grade stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

All lines are perfectly end formed using fully automatic hydraulic end forming machines. Using in house tooling to produce S.A.E. “double flare,” ISO “bubble flare,” hose-end flare, or JIC 37.5 degree single flare. Custom tooling is available for your special application, call with your needs.

We assemble all our lines using O.E.M. style color coded fittings, or stainless steel fittings; manufactured from 304 stainless steel to S.A.E. specifications. All domestic and metric size fittings are available.

We manufacture gravel and stone guard from original steel or 304 stainless steel and is wound in all diameters.

If you do not see your application, it’s as simple as sending us your original tube or pattern for custom duplication, or you can purchase straight length and “do-it-yourself.”

Contact Classic Tube today or visit our website at to learn more and tell us about your pre-formed tubing needs and specifications. We’re happy to help.

Nicole Millich is Marketing Manager at Classic Tube.
Classic Tube

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