I’m machining a component on a cnc lathe and need to have to uncover the angle?

Question by Alex: I’m machining a part on a cnc lathe and want to uncover the angle?
I’m machining a element on a cnc lathe and im attempting to uncover the angle.. the part is 22.22 mm in diameter and needs to go (from left to proper) 25mm in length ending with a 19.05mm dia. How would I be in a position to discover this out?

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Answer by PenusMcBride
You can discover this utilizing simple trigonometry. If you look at your part as a side-view, it appears like a trapezoid, and the angle you are searching for is component of a proper-angle triangle:

A <-- 25mm -->
|————– C
22.22 mm | ————|
| | 19.05 mm
| ————|
|————–/ D

So if you imagine my drawing has straight lines from Point A to C and Point B to D, these lines are the hypotenuses of correct-angle triangles, and the angle BAC equals the angle ABD which is:

tan^-1(25 / (22.22 – 19.05) ) = tan^-1(7.8864) = 82.773 degrees.

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