Big vo-ag grant excites Wallowa school

Big vo-ag grant excites Wallowa school
Specifically, the school will be purchasing several new welders, a CNC plasma cutter, several other pieces of metal shop equipment and a 3-axis CNC milling machine. In addition to the 20 classroom computers, all with AutoCAD and Autodesk design …
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A bright future in mill-turning
Our repeat manufacture was mainly low-cost, low-margin using 3-axis milling machines and CNC lathes. As such, we didn't really know a great deal then about combined mill-turn manufacture and how we could integrate it into our business.” He continues …
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Manufacturers: 'This isn't Henry Ford's assembly line'
Within the past year, the company spent more than $ 300,000 on a five-axis mill that the company uses for low-volume precision machine components. … He said the process includes looking at 3-D models on a monitor, which can be turned and rotated …
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