Slip-Sinker Technique For Walleye Fishing

Slip-Sinker Technique For Walleye Fishing

Every fishing lover find walleye fishing quite a fascinating challenge coming along with great prizes. When it comes to walleye fishing, the slip-sinker technique can be a useful trick. This method can work well for shore fishing.


Slip-Sinker fishing is a considerably different method of fishing than some anglers are used to. When fishing with more active lures, you usually set the hook immediately. In most cases, with active lures, a fish will hook itself when it slams into and chomps down on a lure. However, with Slip-Sinker fishing, the angler waits for the fish to make the move, instead of actively casting and retrieving the lure. The line is rigged through the sinker so that you let the fish run with the bait until it stops. This gives the fish time to eat enough of your bait to get hooked. Otherwise, you will just rip the bait out of the fish’s mouth when setting the hook. You also have to leave the bail open on your spinning reel so the fish never feels any resistance when it swims off. Again, once the fish stops taking out line, you reel up the slack and set the hook.


One other benefit of using a Slip-Sinker is that the bait is allowed an almost full range of motion so that it can act more naturally. Combining a Slip-Sinker with a minnow hooked through the back fin in front of the tail is a killer technique for catching fish. I can not think of a better method for minnow fishing as it is the most natural presentation of a minnow. Although fishing with a slip-sinker is not as active for the fisherman, it can keep the angler very busy when the bite is on.


Also, be aware that this method of fishing catches more than just walleyes. Choosing the right type of bait at various times throughout the year can help you target walleyes specifically and reduce the amount of other fish that you catch. However, that is an article for another day.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this walleye fishing tip. Most importantly, I hope it helps you catch more walleyes. Remember, fishing tips might not give you a full education on the matter, but it should help you get more fish in the boat.


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