CNC machine operator w/GED?

Question by allen nguyen: CNC machine operator w/GED?
Plan on getting my GED. I want to be a CNC machine operator what are the requirements? Do I have to go to college if so for what degree

Best answer:
Answer by JBCNC operation is not yet heavily regulated by government so there are no standardized qualifications necessary to be an operator. If you plan to work for some particular company then the requirements for CNC operators will be established by that company. Those requirements might include a GED because basic education is a nearly universal requirement. If a CNC operator position requires more than just the machine operation – like if it includes computer programming or repair – at least some post-secondary (college or trade school) education will likely be required. That will likely differ from one company to the next, however, since CNC operator doesn’t have a consistent job description across the manufacturing industry.

A good first step is probably to find a local machining company and talk to the owner or manager about the job. All you would need to ask for is about 10 minutes of time. Then, explain your interest in CNC operations and ask for the manager’s opinion about both the type and the extent of education that the job requires. Even better would be to talk to the managers at several different machine companies so you can see if there might be a range of differing opinions.

At the same time that you’re doing your fact finding about the CNC operator job, you might as well get started on your GED. You’re eventually going to need that almost anywhere you work.

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