Clarify The Concept Of Special Composite Machine China It Worth Buying?

Clarify The Concept Of Special Composite Machine China It Worth Buying?

Clarify The Concept Of Special Composite Machine China It Worth Buying?
What is the difference between the two

it, too complicated, esoteric techniques described here is not simple to understand can explain with a metaphor, a small one machine if the metaphor is a pickup, then the copier is a large wind truck. The copy function is cargo tonnage of two cars.

Although small pickup laden with features, but the light load, the use of flexible, suitable for a small amount of goods, personnel Transport Use the words when the two long-distance transport costs than the big cargo is much higher with Dongfeng. Therefore, some logistics companies are sketch maps pickup with a small amount of wind + large cargo manner. The same is true of some large companies, is used in more than one printer, one machine + a digital copier to use two.

Said following the second question, for such low-priced products, many consumers have questions, one wants to buy such a cheap product, but expressed doubts about the products for fear of a problem. Another is the feeling that the price is simply nonsense, not buy.

For the former question, I can answer detailed look, we need to understand the complex plane this market’s basic marketing model. The basic framework is vendor + Proxy Business + dealer model, the way is the dealer sales pick up, with operating costs and profits to consumers, this and other IT products are no different, but the compound machine market has its own characteristics, which can be used The following reads. First: Product features of the late Investment

Office products and Mobile Different type of product, he has to use the cost of office products during use, Toner , Toner Cartridge And so are consumables, consumers need to purchase to continue to use, for users to buy the machine even if Quilt On the, to use must be purchased Consumables Currently supplies about 5 percent or more profit. Many businesses lose money to sell the machine is doing, hoping to make money supplies. Second: user characteristics, firms Purchase Mainly

Most complex machine companies purchasing these products, but also part of the individual print shop use quickly. There are many potential corporate procurement rules, so these products offer and the very large difference between the selling price, it is believed that many people know very well, but can not say. However, some models offer the market low in fact the contrary is true there is no water prices, but said the price is too prone to see other people get angry, the main job of the industry may be one of these businesses, the price is too transparent to their living space on small. Third: industry characteristics, product marketing office is mostly profit by rebate

Office products in the market have a very important feature, especially in complex machines such products, the high operating costs, because the price of a single machine placed there. Cutting China is not usually self-employed casually three or 50000 can support a shared business like selling cabbage. Dealers to enter the industry itself is a certain strength. DIY as little as special roasted by businesses to maintain business.

Business operating copier such products are more powerful and far-sighted, they need to establish long-term strategy and manufacturers Cooperation Relationship, firms will win over dealers through various means. Dealers once said that though our bustling all day selling the machine, in fact, one month down and really nothing to profit, wages are the first large, on the other end of the task, companies to make a hundred and eighty million account .

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