What components do I need to make a “Shut off”circuit.?

Question by Boka: What parts do I require to make a “Shut off”circuit.?
Hi. I am creating a project on safeguarding electrical wires from overloading. I have this idea to connect a circuit that would shut off energy when an appliance much more that 200 Watts is plugged in a convenience outlet. Which electronic components do I want? Thanks.

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Answer by veeyesvee
A circuit breaker is a shut off device. When somebody places a quick, the current flowing becomes as well higher and due to thermal action, a switch turns itself off. You may possibly like to study how these work so that you can apply it to shut off when power drawn exceeds 200 watts. could be some common devices that you can purchase off are obtainable.
the principle is to monitor the present considering that the voltage is more or significantly less anticipated to be continuous. When existing exceeds a specific preset worth, a relay can be enrgized or denergised to shut off the system.
A straightforward series resistor os say 1 ohm will not have an effect on the 200watt energy as current will be 200/120 = 1.7 amps. Voltage drop will be 1.7V. this will be at 50 hz. convert this making use of a precision diode circuit to get 1.7*sqrt(two) as peak output sine which will be half wave. Typical it and you get about .75V. So have a fixed reference dc of .75V and when this is exceeded, a relay can be denergised, and that will shut off the load.
Initially the relay is enrgised manually.. (Just as any machinery in a machine area, e.g., a drill. It is turned O by a switch and turning off is through abother cease switch. In the occasion of energy failure, the machine will not turn ON by itself when power resumes)

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