What do you use to clean a wire EDM machine?

Question by edward: What do you use to clean a wire EDM machine?
I run a AgieCharmilles Cut 20 P and the work tank is starting to get a little rusty. right now i dont use any cleaner i just rub it down with this rubber pad. just want to know if theres any regular store bought cleaner that you can use to clean that with.

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Answer by Nobby
I use Wirasol EDM Cleaner for cleaning my Charmilles W-EDM’s. Works great and it doesn’t affect your dielectric or filter system. You should use it 1:10 (with water) or pure for really thorough dirt – also for other cleaning than the W-EDM. The label said it works great in cleaning the toilet too. I tried that and it works great too! 🙂

Your rust worries me more. Is it just the sediment of metal particles that show a little superficial rust? Of is the stainless steel rusting? In that case: check your water with an *external* microSiemens-meter and an external pH-meter.

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