What is a CNC Lathe Machine?

Query by dc: What is a CNC Lathe Machine?
How is it employed?
How does it function?
What are the principal components?

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Answer by Dan
A CNC Lathe Machine is a Personal computer Numerical Controlled (C.N.C.) version of a common Lathe. This version is controlled by a pc with the goal of attaining either very precise and/or hugely reproducible measurements on a portion building.

A personal computer feeds data into numerous controllers (probably step motor controllers) which manage the speed of the part becoming turned, the place of the cutting head, orientation of the cutting head, and the speed of the cutting head. Based on the unit, there can be several different axis controls (normally in between three to 5, though can go higher).

The two operate parts of the device are the stand, which holds the portion and rotates accordingly, and the cutting head. The cutting head can old any quantity of diverse cutting bits.

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