What is the difference amongst Precision machining technologies and welding?

Question by Ronald: What’s the distinction between Precision machining technology and welding?

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As “Precision” suggests, it is a very accurate indicates of machining a component.
This is usually accomplished employing a technique named CNC (laptop numerical control).
Usually, a portion is developed and modelled in a 3D environment such as SolidWorks, Inventor, and so on, and then employing this modelled component a CNC file is created and sent to a programmable CNC mill. The CNC Mill takes the details in the file and creates the component from a chunk of metal (or specified material) and it mills, cuts, and shaves away the material until it is to the dimensions specified in the model. Most instances there needs to be some adjustment to the file that is sent to the CNC Mill since the mill need to have appropriate guidelines on where to position the head, the tolerances that need to be held, the order of manoeuvres, and the number of passes. So in short Precision Machining typically implies a portion that is produced from a block of material and cut down to size and shape of the component required.

As for Welding, its fairly effectively recognized. Its taking two separate pieces of material (comparable or dissimilar material) and employing a welding material to bind them together. The welding is done in several various ways, but in essence is the very same all around. A heat source is used to melt the weld material and it is utilized to fuse the two pieces together.

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