what kind of cnc engraving machine do i need?

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Question by abdul rehman s: what kind of cnc engraving machine do i need?
we are manufacturer & exporter of sports garments. We often need rubber logos for our products and for this we first need a brass die. There are lot of cnc machine on various websites but i still don’t know what kind of cnc machine do i need? people here in my city are using different cnc machines (which they don’t expose to anyone) to make dies. It does not have to be a big cnc machine but must be precise enough to make best dies. So i want you guys to suggest me a suitable cnc machine for this task. Thanks

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Answer by haans42
What you want is a small CNC milling machine or router.

Smaller machines will be in the $ 5000 to $ 8000 range and larger machines will go from $ 14000 to $ 25000.

From my perspective, for your application I would go with a milling machine because it is more suitable to this type of work. ( In a milling machine the table moves under the cutter. In a router the cutter moves over the table) A milling machine table will be better for holding the flat brass to create your molds.

The links below show 2 suitable small machines in the mid $ 6000 price range.

In addition to a CNC milling machine you will also need software to generate the designs and tool paths. For your purposes you can probably get away with 2D design. You will want your machining software to be capable of generating tool paths from grayscale scans. DeskProto and Delcam ArtCAM are 2 suitable products. ArtCAM combines design and toolpath generation. DeskProto only does tool paths. I have used both and while DeskProto is much less expensive support is non existant, you get great support from Delcam.

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