What skill is required for CNC repair?

Question by Jeff: What skill is required for CNC repair?
Anyone know what type of electrical/mechanical skills required to perform CNC repair? I am a highly skilled low voltage installer/service with IT and CAD backround and no component level training. Does this require specialized training?

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Answer by Yoho
Seeing your already know electronics that isn’t going to be a problem for you. Problem you will run it to is learning the controllers. Learning how they are setup. I have been dealing with cnc’s for a few years and after seeing the huge number of settings inside controls i changed my mide about cross training,. You have to learn how to comp out runout, comp out table dip,servo settings,comps for the arcs, ect ect. Then you need to know about how to read harmonics when dealing with ultra high rpm machines.

Biggest problems is you have to learn this on mutable controllers! Ahhhhh Have you looked for schools for htis training? My local community college has a two year degree for this. But i have seen a few jobs around here you can get into with little to no know experience but they’re low pay.

Of course this is only on newer machines old cnc’s are just junkers with basic electronics only thing that would help you is knowing basic operation skills. (turning on the machine moving the table running tests programs ect)

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