Wrapping the future around your wrist

Wrapping the future around your wrist
He was also the champion of making use of computer numerical control (CNC) milling China machines to carve complex housing for iPhones and Macbooks out of single slabs of aluminium. It was a "unibody" technique he perfected after observing how high-end …
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Modular Machining Units Expand Three-Axis Capabilities
The Multi-Master flex shaft machining units from Suhner are designed to ease integration of bulky workpiece machining into a three-axis CNC setup. The modular, single-tool units can be positioned in any direction around a workpiece, enabling completion …
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Rethinking architecture
… take hold and have a broad influence in updating the building industry into the digital age,” he says. “It would be a revolution in material and fabrication logic: thin-skin structural envelopes cut accurately and effortlessly by agile robots or …
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