Precision CNC Milling

CNC milling has the most efficient ability to remove the material from all dimensions to obtain the required part shape. Due to its great efficiency and high cost-performance, CNC milling has grown into most popular precision CNC machining service in China.

As one of leading CNC machining China companies, we have full milling capabilities for wide range of requirements, including 4 axis milling, 5 axis machining, high speed milling, Swiss machining, micro machining, vertical milling, custom milling, etc.

In China CNC machining services could be applied to all types of metals and most plastics, including Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Gold, Titanium, Brass, Sterling Silver, PP, Nylon, Acetal, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Carbon fiber, Fiberglass, ABS, PTFE, etc.

While the advanced CNC milling equipment deliver efficiency and precision, experienced workers will work hard for repair or special oversize by Manual Milling, which will meet some customers' unique requirements of full range of different parts & components.


Accurate CNC Turning

Turning by CNC machine produces parts via "rotating" bar material with feeding cutting tools into material. On CNC lathe machines, prepared raw material will rotate when cutter is feeding into a rotating work-piece. Cutter could be moved at different angles and lots of tool contours can be applied.

Being one precision China CNC machining manufacturer, our advanced CNC lathes are capable of turning high precision parts. We can turn most rigid metal materials at tight accuracy. Small components even tiny parts with complex features can be made by our swiss turning and screw machining devices.

Turning machining offers an economical and fast way to manufacture parts which are normally symmetrical about one revolving axis. That's why it becomes more and more popular in modern machining industry.

Shapes that could be achieved by turning include various plain, contour, taper, fillet, radius profiles and threaded surfaces. CNC turning may be joined with precise milling also other precision CNC machining in China ways to make diverse shapes.


Wire EDM & Sinker EDM

Wire cutting unlocks the possibility to design parts also precision components that need better functions, without restrictions of other CNC machining methods.

As a top precision CNC machining Chinese factory, all electrical discharge machines we employ were imported from Japan Sodick company, which manufactures the best EDM machine in the planet. Our EDM equipment operate 24/7 at high speed. Each of our 50+ wire cutting EDM machines logs an average of 70+ hours of cutting time per week.

Wire EDM machining service provides high dimensional accuracy for close components and parts. The process can make very sharp inside corners, which can cut the material thickness from only a few thousandths of a Centimetre to several Centimetres. What's more, custom tooling is not needed at all.

Plenty of jobs about 50 to 5,000 pieces are candidates for our production wire cut EDM services, but because EDM wire cut does not require expensive tooling, a need for just several parts is not a limitation, nor is a requirement for hundreds of thousands.


Precision Grinding

Surface grinding machine is used to cut a tiny amount of material, creating a finest flat surface to a very tight tolerance, which is a chief China precision machining process to produce super accurate components also absolute parts.

Grinding costs much more time than other machining processes. But it is well worth getting high accuracy. As a leading precision CNC machining China supplier, we could provide the highest grinding accuracy and the finest surface for customers.

Depending on the type of different material, precision-ground parts could be machined with a fine surface up to 16 micro finishes. At our plant, we may grind angles, radii and flats on all different custom even special components.

CNC OD Grinders allow us to offer clients the quality needed on even the most difficult center-type grinding projects. We also have CNC internal grinders to handle all CNC ID grinding requirements.