CNC Machining Services

As one precision CNC machining services China supplier for a wide range of practices across a spectrum of industries, we provide numerous machining processes, including CNC milling, CNC turning, surface grinding, drilling and tapping, together with wire EDM services also laser cutting service.

Sinker EDM and EDM wire cutting services are playing more and more important roles in manufacturing to achieve close tolerance, especially for small batches of parts and components.

We can machine most metals and plastics including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, ABS, nylon, etc. We specialize in the machining of complex parts quickly with consistent high quality results, maintaining tight tolerance up to 0.003mm. What's more, all phases of manufacturing are carried out on-site.

Our super product quality, fast turnarounds, reasonable pricing and unmatched client service ensure us to be highly competitive in the CNC precision machining service China market.


Component Design

As a professional CNC machining services China provider, except manufacturing parts according to drawings & samples of clients, Engineering team is capable of designing mechanical parts and components for them. Our Engineers have rich design knowledge and are skilled with the most popular CAD software, such as Solidworks, Inventor and Pro-Engineering.

Once customers provide a concept, sketch or a physical part to us, we can fulfill their demands of product function or component quality in limited time.

First of all, Engineering drawings in 2D or 3D format will be provided to customers for approval. Once drawings are approved, we will make samples to test function and sent to clients for confirmation. In the next step, batch production will be arranged based on confirmed samples.

The capability of part designing has become one of the most important evaluation criteria for one of high precision machining service China companies in the modern machining and manufacturing industry.


Parts Assembly

Our factory provides mechanical assembly services to help clients increase efficiency and reduce lead time and costs. The huge savings help our customers win more and more competition.

Our full-service approach provides customer with a single point for all kinds of assembly requirements - from small sub-assemblies through large machinery.


Tooling Manufacturing

When clients need to set up stamping tools, die casting tooling or plastic injection mold, we have experienced professionals ready to get it done right. Working with our facilities, customers will receive good lead times along with our quality and domestic project management.