CNC Machined Parts

As an excellent precision CNC machining parts China supplier, we can produce high quality precision machined parts China for various industries such as medical devices, automotive, motorcycle, electronics, optical communication, sporting goods, machine tools, plastic mould, casting tooling, etc.

CNC machining parts China range mainly include precision turned components, CNC milling parts, wire EDM cutting products and precision grinding components. We could make all kinds of precision machined parts China with different raw materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium and most hard plastics.

From design to manufacturing, fabrication to installation, our in-house facilities provide all kinds of necessary elements to meet the client's demands, with one complete online project management service to match.

Whatever the material or idea clients have, our CNC machining facilities would cut and shape it based on their needs. That's why we are one of the best precision machining parts China manufacturers for years.


Tooling Parts

Being a professional CNC machined parts China factory, we manufacture all injection mould parts in mass quantity for clients in various industries each year. In most cases, we design and produce complete sets of injection molds for both China customers and abroad clients.

Besides, we machine parts & components of stamping tooling and casting mold also for clients. The entire set of tooling can be made according to customers' requests too, which will meet the exporting standards.

Chief people of company have been working in plastic injection molding, die casting and sheet metal stamping more than 20 years. We have the important technology and solid experience to manufacture that good quality plastic mould parts and stamping tooling components, becoming one of the leading precision machining parts China producers.

Except machining the high precision tooling components for customers, we can design parts based on their requests, because we have experienced designing Engineers who are specialized in mould design.


Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are essential tools to help manufacturing high quality products in many fields, especially that require high precision, such as smart phones and digital cameras.

Because fixtures and jigs have to be at tight tolerance, and the material and annealing way have to be chosen correctly, not many companies in China can make good quality jigs or fixtures.

As an advanced CNC machined parts China manufacturer, we are capable of designing, manufacturing and testing different fixtures according to requirements of customers.


Auto Parts

Automotive components are another prime products that we can supply for customers.

For auto products, we provide the highest degree of services with a basis of 10 years experience serving the automotive industry.