Castings With Machining China

Castings With Machining China
Where to buy the castings with machining China in China? There are many iron foundries in China, who can machine the castings in-house.

In the past, I heard many clients said they were surprised by the machining China capability for the metal foundries and machining China workshops in China. They thought China foundries just had some simple and poor casting equipments, but there were no high-precision machining China equipments, but they found there were many foundries in China equipped CNC centers, numerical control machines and CMM. They have the equipments to machine very small or very large metal castings with high machining China precision. I guess it is because China foundries have improved their machining China capability in the recent years.

However, where could you buy the metal castings with machining China? I suggest you to consider the following ways:

1. From the iron foundries who have the machining China capability in-house.

As I said, there are many metal foundries especially iron foundries in China, they have many machining China equipments, so you could ask them to produce the rough castings, and do the finish machining China, or rough machining China if they could not meet your high requirements.

In this way, you will find many advantages. If they find the defective castings during their machining China process, then they could replace them quickly and free of charge for the buyers. So, it will save you many time and costs. Moreover, it does not need your coordination between the foundries and machining China workshops. According to my experience, the coordination works will kill you.

2. From the machining China workshops who can buy the rough castings locally.

This is also a good way if your products need many machining China works, or need high-precision machining China. In this way, you just need to ask for the finish castings from the machining China workshops, and ask the machining China workshops to solve the any defective problems either from machining China or from rough castings. So, the machining China workshops will try their best to control the quality of quality and solve the defective castings with their subcontractors. It will also save your time and costs. The disadvantage of this way is the price. The price will be higher than the first way. Why? The machining China workshops have to add some extra costs in their quotations, such as the administrative costs, the defective costs, the profit from rough castings, the margin in case of increased prices of rough castings. As I know, in Dandong Foundry in China, we will quote the rough castings with very low profit, sometimes, even lower than 3%, and tried to get more profit from machining China to compensate our loss for rough castings. However, if you ask us to supply the rough castings to other machining China workshops, then we will have to quote with a normal profit since we can not get the profit from machining China.

3. From castings trading companies.

There are many trading companies in China and overseas, who could supply the metal castings to the final clients in USA, UK, and other countries. Usually, they could go to the foundries to inspect the dimensions and coordinate the defective issues between the clients, metal foundries and machining China workshops. I think they should also be a good choice for you if you could not find a suitable metal foundry or machining China workshop.

In order to buy the good castings with machining China, you do need to consider many aspects.

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