Cement Vertical Roller Mill

Cement Vertical Roller Mill
For the cement industry were 30,25,20,10,8.8 tons of annual production and other industries use to meet the users of different materials with different yield and grinding China requirements. At the same time I also have fine vertical grinding China mill, the State Development Center has fine vertical cement mill as the “Eighth Five-Year” period focused on promoting the application of high efficiency, new energy-saving products.

The working principle of vertical roller mill

1, the main structure and function

Roller is the main material for rolling mill parts. Mill built with two pairs of roller, each pair of rollers mounted on the same shaft, rotating at different speeds.

Disc fixed to the reducer output shaft, the upper part of the disc material bed, the bed material a circular groove.

PRM-type separator mainly composed of vertical roller mill ,roller, disc, compression device, reducer, motor, housing and other components.

Fineness of separation is an important component of the decision, which consists of adjustable speed drives, rotor, guide blades, housing, meals, fighting off the cone material, composed of the outlet, and the separator works similar.

Pressure device is called the grinding China pressure of the components provided by the high pressure oil station, hydraulic cylinder, rod, storage and other components, able to exert enough pressure roller grinding China of materials.

2, the working principle of vertical roller mill

The material flow through the separator, in the role of guide vanes and the rotor, the coarse material to the disc from the hopper cone, the fine powder with a mill with air, dust collection device in the system to collect, is the product, the material in the contact process with the gas being dried to the required product water, by adjusting the angle and the wind guide vane separator rotor speed can be different fineness of the product.

Motor through reducer drive the disc rotation, the current hot air from the air inlet into the mill, the material from the feed opening falls on the central disc; the centrifugal force, material to the disc edge and moved across the ring groove on the disc by the grinding China roll rolling and grinding China, to the edge of the disc, moving through the air with the wind at the starting of large particles falling back to disc on the direct re-grinding.

Compared with the ball mill, vertical roller mill with the following features;

Compared with the cement vertical mill to mill the advantage is obvious, in order to establish a more intuitive description of the characteristics of MPS vertical mill, following the annual output of 10 tons of cement and production of raw material preparation system, for example, compared with the two HRM vertical mill and ball mill kinds of program indicators.

Grinding efficiency; drying large capacity; into the grinding China material Liaodu large, medium and large vertical mill can save two broken; products, chemical stability; stars are homogeneous gradation, product Liaoduo uniformity is conducive to burning ; process is simple; low noise, less dust, the operating environment clean; metal loss, high utilization; use of the economy.

Assuming an annual output of 10 million tons of cement in order to meet production needs, may use the following two options:

Programme 1: HRM1300 vertical mill grinding China system

Programme 2: @ 2.2 6.5 closed-circuit grinding China system

Table II installed capacity of the two programs, technical and economic indicators in Table III.

As can be seen from the above comparison, the choice of vertical roller mill to reduce annual operating costs only 380,200 yuan, and the level of technology and products to improve yield, save energy, improve the operating environment, reducing noise and pollution, and enhance ability to adapt to other aspects of the play is not assess the long-term benefits.

vertical roller mill

vertical roller mill

vertical roller mill

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