CNC Machine Chinas for Metal Fabrication

CNC Machine Chinas for Metal Fabrication

Various CNC tools and equipment can be used to cut and fabricate metals. Welders can use a lathe, a plasma cutter, or a router. The welding equipment that you utilize should match the projects you’re performing, as well as the task specifications, diagrams, and materials.

A lathe, for instance, has the ability to cut brass, but it doesn’t have the strength to but thick steel. Different CNC machines are designed differently. Each has its own functions and capabilities, and can only work on specific metals perfectly. For the unaquainted, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This means that a computer operates the machine in order to perform specific cutting functions. Unlike the manual methods of fabrication, CNC machine can do cutting tasks in a much more precise and speedy manner.

At present, there are many types of CNC machines used in welding shops as well as metal production shops around the world. Below is a list of some CNC equipment that many welders and fabricators often use today:

Water Jet Cutting China Machine China

Water jet cutting machine provides nesting features that make allowance for very little waste of materials. It has the ability to make repetitive products or cut one or two different products out of the same piece of metal. The outcome is impressive and polished whenever you use this equipment. Metals are cut with clean, smooth edges.

Laser Cutting China Machine China

Another type of equipment used to fabricate metal is a CNC laser cutting machine, which is known for its precision and cost-efficiency. This equipment can produce what is known as “shaker” parts. It leaves a little piece of metal that connects each piece which has been cut. Because of the use of nitrogen and oxygen, one can guarantee that all parts look smooth and professional, plus there isn’t any metal slap left over in every project.

Plasma Cutting China Machine China

This equipment can cut through metal using heat and can do precise cuts than what our bare hands can do. Plasma cutters are often used for large projects or metal works that require fast outputs in a short period of time. Plasma cutters can either be still or portable.

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