CNC Turning Center

Check out these cnc turning center photos:

CNC Turning Center
cnc turning center
Image by spangineer
A tiny CNC turning center, in the Leonhard Developing at Penn State.

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Tiger Swallowtail, female
cnc turning center
Image by Vicki’s Nature
This state butterfly of Georgia was everywhere at the nature center yesterday – I saw at least 30-40. There had been 17 on 1 patch of yellow flowers – and for these interested, of the 17 three have been dark females. When I turned on our sprinkler this morning, 3 yellow Tiger’s flew out of the lantana.

Btw I saw the initial &quotyard&quot Gulf Fritillary this morning. Hopefully I will get some shots … it’s going to 95o once more in Atlanta these days – keep cool you all!

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