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The Pentagon (9.11.01) Memorial
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Image by dbking
A Description of the symbolism inside the Pentagon Memorial……

A MEMORIAL PARK is inscribed with 184 MEMORIAL UNITS. Each and every unit is devoted to an individual victim – its placement and spot inside the collective field a special instance. This hugely distinct and qualitatively objective organizational strategy yields seemingly random outcomes. The field is organized as a timeline of the victims’ ages, spanning from Dana Falkenberg, 3 years old, to John D. Yamnicky, age 71. While every memorial unit locates itself on its respective age line, the units are then organized by birth date along the age line. Inherent tendencies – the clustering of certain age groups, the gap in between the youngsters and adults – are clearly evident and meaningful, although infinitely interpretive.

Private interpretation is further sparked by embedding layers of specificity into the orientation of each memorial unit inside the expansive internet site. Fifty-nine memorial units face one particular path, 125 face the other – as a result distinguishing victims on board American Airlines Flight 77 from these who have been inside the Pentagon. When going to a memorial committed to a victim who was in the Pentagon, the visitor will see their engraved name and the Pentagon in the exact same view. Conversely, one would see the engraved name of a victim on Flight 77 with the sky. Even though very particular, this distinction is fairly subtle when deployed regularly all through the internet site. It adds a level of distinction to the visual and spatial field, as a result provoking visitors’ curiosity, even though simultaneously telling the story of these involved in the events that took location here that day.

Sophisticated in its self-supporting kind, the memorial unit is at once a glowing light pool, a cantilevered bench and a spot for the permanent inscription of each victim’s name. Using Laptop Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology widespread to the aerospace market, the cast duplex stainless steel memorial unit is easily mass-made and incredibly articulate. Its structural cross-section not only reflects radiant light from the glowing pool of water onto the surrounding gravel field, but also permits that fields to be continuous. A polymer concrete utilizing the very same gravel aggregate located on the ground is poured into the memorial unit, seemingly “freezing” the gravel in spot and floating it above the light pool. This surface is polished smooth to attain a “terrazzo” finish. As the memorial unit grows out of the ground, the stabilized gravel field is interrupted only by moments of glowing light and water, and the engraved names float above these moments.

Even though loose sufficient to hear and feel footsteps upon it, stabilized gravel is a difficult, ADA-compliant surface. Disbursed throughout the entire site, the porous stabilized gravel field is contained inside two perimeter benches that serve as planters for ornamental grasses. These grasses act as a soft screen demarcating the boundary of the memorial park. Additional, the combined length of the perimeter benches plus the bench portion of every memorial unit provides a lot more than two,one hundred linear feet of seating surface. Birth years, used to locate the age lines, are inlaid stainless steel numbers set flush with the finished horizontal surface of the perimeter benches. The birth years are flanked by the stainless steel age lines that permeate the entire website.

The western edge of the website is defined with the AGE WALL – a wall that “grows” in height one inch per year relative to the age lines that organize the web site at large. As 1 moves deeper into the site the wall gets larger – it grows from 3 inches above the perimeter bench (at Dana’s memorial age-line) to 71 inches above the bench (at John’s). Strategically, this wall grows as a barrier is necessary in between the memorial park and the delivery lane that encroaches upon the website at its northwestern edge. Experientially, this wall communicates the organizational method to the drivers passing by on the freeway, even though still permitting them to peer into the internet site from afar. From inside the internet site it offers a shadowy backdrop for the lacy ornamental grasses that are planted along its base.

A vivid canopy of color and light supplies shade all through the site, as trees are clustered in conjunction with the disbursement of memorial units. Several Maple species, specifically the Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) serve this scheme properly. The Paperbark is 1 of the last Maples to drop their leaves, retaining their stunning fall foliage nicely into the winter months – this suspension of time will contribute to the sublime beauty of the Park. Upon maturity, the cinnamon-colored bark begins to exfoliate, exhibiting exquisite texture and colour and all round year-round interest. On an intimate level, the interplay among leaves, light, bark, gravel, grasses, water, and the senses will be tremendously enhanced with these elegant trees.

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