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Image by British Postal Museum & Archive
Following World War I the Post Office began to purchase the more powerful motorcycles then available. The start of the 1920s was the beginning of The Post Office’s motor transport scheme, during which it purchased Matchless, Triumph, Enfield, Douglas, Clyno and Chater Lea motorcycles. One of the largest suppliers of machines to the Post Office was BSA.

Combination machines (with sidecars), while more expensive to operate were frequently used both for delivery and collection work. Despite this, solo machines such as the BSA C10 were ideally suited for the solo delivery of mail and for telegram work.

This machine is one of the few wartime purchases made by the Post Office. The continuation of an efficient mail service during the war years was vital both as a means of communication and to improve morale. During World War II this motorcycle would have been fitted with a hooded headlight to conform to wartime blackout regulations.

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