Cool Plastic Machining China Services images

Some cool plastic machining China services images:

F106A port maingear and well

Image by wbaiv
Another for the model building community. White leg, white wheel, brake disc barely visible, white leg brace. "Aluminum" paint on hydraulic cylinder. Clean, dusty "interior green" inside landing gear door. Much dirtier interior green in gear well – more like a dark green or olive drab if you wanted to start with a color close to appearance. Some bare metal pipes and fittings, some black. Plated metal (nickel?) on braces from the door to the main gear leg. Its possible that the landling light inside the door has a gray housing. Wiring harnesses are yellowed white plastic. Red servicing/mfg sticker on leg. One stainless steel band clamp on lower main leg, 7 on rear brace.