Cool Prototype Manufacturing China images

Some cool prototype manufacturing images:

BrickArms is a Maker

Image by enigmabadger
Many of you might remember that Will Chapman and BrickArms were prominently featured in an Chris Anderson’s Wired article, "Atoms are the New Bits." a discussion of how new technology has created manufacturing opportunities for small businesses.

Anderson has since expanded his article into a book, the recently-published Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, and again, Will and BrickArms features prominently in the text.

An excerpt from the text that discusses Will and BrickArms has been posted online
and makes for some interesting reading for the business perspective on the relationship between LEGO and custom accessory vendors.

Apple iPhone 2G prototype

Image by jimabeles
This is a late stage iPhone prototype – very similar to the released 2G but with some notable differences including:

– On the back aluminum cover, the word “iPhone” it’s not etched and in small print it reads “This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the FCC…………etc”.

– Firmware is 1.0 but it also comes with testing applications (Sally, SimpleApp and one that I think is SkankOne)- launchable from the main menu.

– The cell features are fully functional but it seems to be locked to ATT Sim cards.

The serial number indicates that it was manufactured in in China, the 51st week of 2006 (the iPhone was announced the 1st week of 2007 and released June 29, 2007)