Electric Service

Check out these grinding service images:

Electric Service

Image by mryipyop
Free texture to use in ye olde photoshoppery. Please link to whatever you use it for!

In honor of the 3rd hurricane to maybe hit Houston in 2008 my girlfriend has this friendly PSA: “Fill your gas tanks! Go barefoot if you must. Sacrifice your kids and dogs. Whatever it takes!”

Image by colorblindPICASO
Seriously, every time we get a hurricane warning I get this strange feeling the art will have to come off the walls… have any of you SEEN OUR WALLS?!?

Also, this photo reminds me of all the paparazzi photos of Brittney Spears walking around a gas station barefoot a few years ago. What was all that about? It is a pretty common site on interstate highway stations. A dirty public bathroom while barefoot might be a different story though…

One last thing, see that smile on her face? Yes… to those that have asked. She DOES smile from time to time.=)

1700 Hours

Image by SkipSteuart
The business end of an F15E. The pilot standing between the engines has been flying these for about 18 years, and he has over 1,700 hours. He’s covered a lot of ground and burned a lot of fuel.
photo by Skip Steuart