flower energy

A few good graphite machining pictures I located:

flower power
graphite machining
Image by wader
I installed a &quotnew&quot elementary lab last week. These two teacher personal computer are the ideal of the iMac lab and, think it or not, are the ideal iMacs in the lab. The rest of the lab has DV400’s and old attempt loaders. Even a single Rev A, that had a four gig tough drive (naturally it had to be replaced in order to fit the entire image). The lab will be employed to deliver main computer software to students. It is incredible that these machines (some 7 years old) can run panther and all the software program that we needed them to. There’s one thing to be stated about old technologies and creating it function on a restricted budget. The principal was glowing.

graphite machining
Image by tbone_sandwich
I got my ‘new’ computer the weekend just before final. Soon after 4 years on one machine, it takes a whilst to get back up to speed… although speed is definitely not as lacking in the new rig.

Started an additional sketch – Jack Halford
graphite machining
Image by Jack Halford
Sketching a mechanical nonetheless life I set up at college from a photograph at property.