Gold Investment: A Small Gold Bars, Most Investors – Sheet Metal Parts – China Machine Chinad Parts

Gold Investment: A Small Gold Bars, Most Investors – Sheet Metal Parts – China Machine Chinad Parts
Last year, the gold bull market so that more people are concerned about the added value of gold hedging capabilities. Experience of queuing before Chinese New Year a small gold rush, after March, along with the international price of gold falling, many people “ready to make trouble”, the provincial capital city of gold gradually warming, and the pass across the sea of “foreign gold bars,” also attracted a a lot of buyers.
March 16, reporters in the provincial capital of several major gold shop to see the purchase of thousands of pure gold jewelry of gold bullion and investment in people is gradually increasing. In the 51 square Milky Way Jewelry House, Ms. Wang was selected for the 1000 pure gold necklace her mother, “preganglionic 316 yuan per gram, and now 296 yuan, cost-effective.” “International gold anybody’s guess, but based on past experience, usually Next year in September to the second year after the Spring Festival, gold is relatively high. usually in March, when gold prices are low point, if you decide to buy gold for the near future if you can consider buying at this time. “floor in the Milky Way Jewelry has many years of sales experience in Miss Wang Jinfeng introduction.
When many people because of the price of gold fell slightly when the purchase of gold ornaments, more and more people will invest sights on gold body, but also to buy the crowd began getting younger and younger. Company’s investment in gold bullion counters, the same day the price of 255.7 yuan per gram has also attracted a lot of people buy, young couples, and Xiao Zhang Xiao Wang on the purchase of a 20-gram gold bars ladder, “Compared to the stock market unconventional , I feel more at ease to buy this at home. “Xiao Zhang said. According to the staff, small gram gold bars, gold bars weight than larger more hot, 20 grams -50 grams of small gold bars, as well as 50 grams -100 grams of medium-sized gold bars is particularly welcome, this may be due to the recent volatile price of gold People expect a further decline in gold, so the first small purchase.
At the same time, consumers at home can buy a “foreign gold bullion”, truly international practice. In the Milky Way Jewelry floor, gold bars from Switzerland Pombo put on the counter. “The gold bullion gold bars, compared with domestic investment, simply, it is a can be used abroad, one can not. Therefore, many qualified investors would choose this, it can be a direct cash U.S. dollars. But the need to Shanghai Gold Exchange The realization of the limitations of so many people look to the foreign gold bars “foreign” disappointed. Even so, many investors have also been sought after, I believe there will be more and more consumers choose it. “staff members said.

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