How can I make precision grooves without having a milling machine?

Question by Wut: How can I make precision grooves with no a milling machine?
I require to make .05-mm-wide grooves in the sides of nylon hex standoffs, ~2″ extended. The depth is not vital but probably .five mm. I never want to spend a fortune on a milling machine that I may well not use again.
Yes, I need to have thin grooves, for polyacetal “fins” that are slightly thinner.
I’m certain about the measurements. Here are some mill ends that will produce grooves that are a lot thinner:
and right here is some rigid plastic strips that are much less than half the width of the grooves I want to make:
So it can be carried out. The query remains how.

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Answer by chris
.05 mm is about the thickness of a piece of paper. Are you confident you wrote that right? I do not know of something that will do that short of a laser.

Sorry, only point that comes to mind is creating a jig so you could do it with a blade (like an exacto knife) set up like a concave plane.

OK, Yes! It could be completed if you HAD a milling machine! (By the way, I enjoy McMaster Carr! Been there many instances and have been ordering from them for about 16 years)
NOW, considering that you Never have a milling machine, I think you either need to uncover a person that does have a single and a whole lot of spare time on their hands OR you could start off considering in an additional direction. I employed to make jigs for assembly lines and if I had to do this I would not have been employing my bridgeport. (I’ve snapped a lot of tiny fluted bits in my time) I would simply appear at generating a jig that the piece would sit into and then slide a provided amount against a blade that would get rid of the desired material. Once the jig is finished you could wipe out the entire job in no time and if it works very good you could patent it along with what your making. Most machines have been invented by folks attempting to invent some thing else! Very good luck!

Also, (just a bit of trivia) The guy who invented the “Swift Grip Clamps” was an each and every day welder who found himself needing a clamp. He grabed a caulking gun, reduce the barrel off and welded up his very first fast clamp to get the job done. “Next issue ya know ol Jeds a millionare!!!!!!”

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