I require to Interview an Engineer          HELP!!!   ?

Question by Alexis:  I require to Interview an Engineer          HELP!!!   ?

I am currently taking an Engineering Course at my High College (PLTW, Project Lead the Way). And as portion of the course we we asked to interview a engineer in a field that we are interested in.

(Any Engineer is Eligible but electrical Engineer is Preferred)

If you can answer the questions that’s great, if not you might know some other engineer prepared to answer. The Interview itself is extremely simple consisting of a couple of queries.

You Could Post the answers or E-mail them to me.

I require a response these days, if you cant that is ok.

Right here are the Inquiries-

Professional Backround

-Specific Degree: 
-Place of Employment: 
-E-mail Address or Telephone #:

Professional Interview

-Please describe your engineering field: 
-Please Describe your Engineering field: 
-What is your Current Job title?: 
-What is your average function schedule?: 
-Beginning with Higher College, describe your Educational background chronologically: 
-If you had to do it over, connected to your career or education, would you do anything differently: 
-What advice would you give to me as an individual interested in pursuing a profession path similar to yours?: 
-How long is it prior to you can get promoted?: 
-What is your standard perform dress?: 
-How Long have you been working at your profession?:

Ideal answer:

Answer by lee26loo大秦後人李璐
Forget it. Nobody wiling to let you interview this non sense so referred to as project demanded by the college teacher whom given the very same project from year to year.
The greatest way to do it just make up those answers….like…

two years get promoted.
put on white shop coat.
more than 20 years.

Easy stuff to fool any lazy teacher.

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