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The fruit of the spirit
I pray that I never sound like a clanging cymbal or like sounding brass as I Corinthians speaks about. According to this chapter, without love we can sound quite annoying when being … I challenge you to take the time to do a self-evaluation by …
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Making a Working Hunting Gun from Antique Brunswick Rifle Parts
The patch box lid, head and hatch were the only parts that I could not immediately obtain. In the meantime, Atlanta Cutlery began to offer brass patch boxes that they had made in India to sell with their completed guns. I received the patch box from …
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From the files
The piece, which symbolizes the athletic ideals and aspirations of the student body, is placed in the corridor outside of room B. This handsome cast is finished in ivory and on the pedestal is a brass plate bearing the insertion, “Class of 1914.” Its …
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