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Can A New Strategy Put The 'Monster' Back In Monster?
Eighteen months in development, the collection of new initiatives aimed at enhancing the experience of recruiters, employers, and job seekers will take a swipe at competitors like LinkedIn, who to this point had controlled parts of the recruiting …
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Robin Thicke's morbidly fascinating Paula and 15 more record reviews
His music remained rooted in the singer-songwriter tradition—he cut his own vocal and guitar parts alone, then invited his collaborators to shape the arrangements—but its panstylistic looseness still feels fresh more than four decades later, with …
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Protection Sought for World War I Ships
The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, introduced in 2001, aimed to help member nations better protect shipwrecks, submerged ruins and other valuable, increasingly fragile, parts of their underwater heritage. The …
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