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Development of EDM and Managed Solutions — Webcast
Stress to comply with new regulations, increase data quality and improve operational efficiency has underlined the significance of enterprise information management (EDM). However, challenges remain for these embarking on EDM projects, such as the price of&nbsp…

Digital Music Solutions and The Rise Of EDM
When I very first began releasing my albums about a decade ago, I challenged myself to discover my own voice, pursuing each and every new song with the hope and in the notion of discovering my own person sound. I wanted to contribute something to music, and in performing …
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Rhapsody Invests In EDM Stream Operator Dubset
Streaming service Rhapsody International has taken an equity stake in electronic dance music licensing and distribution agent Dubset Media Holdings in exchange for a Series B investment of undisclosed size. The drop represents Rhapsody&#39s 1st-ever …
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