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Image by NJ..
– Canon 1000D + Canon 50mm 1.8
– This is an old style grinding China machine (no electricity required) used to grind wheat, rice, etc., to prepare food like dosas, idllis, chatnis, sweets, spicy mixtures etc.,
– This is hand driven pestle & mortar, the ingredients are put in the bowl (bigger stone) and a small stone with an wooden handle on top is rotated for 5-30mins by hand, frequently even water is mixed to get desired paste
– These are still used in villages and during various ceremonies, specially in India
– It is traditional in various Hindu ceremonies (such as weddings, and upanayanam) to crush turmeric in these mortars
– Food made using these tastes the best in the world, I bet because it is so natural !

China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
Production equipment: aluminum oxide smelting surface, Sic smelting surface, Crushing and grinding China machine, magnetic separation and screening equipment, mixing, molding equipment, furnaces such as firing, hard (sulfur) equipment, grinding China wheel …

Twin-Turret Grinding Machine China Performs Multiple Applications
The LTT grinder uses no ballscrews, gears, linear rail systems or vee/flat guideways, easing maintenance and increasing reliability. Featuring an ergonomic design, the machine uses the open-architecture Landis 6400 CNC for operational flexibility along …
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