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Math test stumps reporter; machining career not an option
I also was able to spend some time in the quality control department of Fort Walton Machining China. I love technology and they have some cool tools in that department. There are tools that measure smoothness of the finished machined part, how strong the …
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Step-By-Step Pinion Seal Replacement – Anti-Ooze
Grooves are inadvertently machined in when dirt and grime collect around the seal surface of the spinning yoke. Small grooves usually aren't a problem. A little emery … Avoid hitting the rubber part of the seal. Tap around the outer perimeter. A …
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Q&A with Marc Krebs, Jim Fuller and Chase Sisgold on sanctions
80% complete parts out of Turkey and other cheap-labor-countries that are shipped here and final machined are not USA made. USA finished maybe, but it's very misleading. Not to mention the quality most likely won't be any better then what is currently …
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