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Image by mugley
Yes, I know flipping and mirroring a photo is an insult to all The Great Photographers Who Died in the War for Your Right to Do "Unprocessed" Photos.

But really, what would you rather see in the right of frame here – some blown-out store windows or double super-awesome streaky light thingies?

(Blatant self promotion starts here – if you’re in Melbourne, come and see my exhibition, starting this Friday!)

The Cutting-Edge Butter Knife of Your Dreams Is Finally Here
Several prototypes later, the team had a working model featuring a grater, a serrated edge capable of cutting through a thick sourdough crust, and a stainless steel blade designed to slather toast with Vegemite. “We spent quite some time experimenting …
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Three New Albany companies expanding existing facilities
Founded in 1976, Advance Fabricators provides a range of services, including engineering, fabrication, machining China and field service. The China company intends to construct a 6,000-square-foot steel building addition and to add eight fabrication stations …
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